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Best Business Idea Contest

The concept of entrepreneurship encompasses mind set which is usually taken to involve risk taking in the face of uncertainty, and other attitudes and skills such as boldness, ingenuity, leadership, persistence and determination.

We, at SEMCOM, are making all efforts to develop Entrepreneurial Thinking among our students, focusing on what is needed, what is missing, and what is changing. Today in India, there is tremendous scope for opportunity-driven entrepreneurship due to upward mobility within the income classes, increase in share of working population, ideological shift from savings to spending, and changing consumer lifestyles.

Organizing an event on Business Ideas for our students is a step in the right direction towards seizing and creating opportunity in growing India for becoming entrepreneurs of 21st Century.

Every year, the college organizes Best Business Idea Contest in order to foster creative & innovative thinking for business. The contest is sponsored by ELECON with generous financial support of Rs. 2 lacs every year.


SEMCOM has been organizing Best Business Idea Contest since 2003 in order to foster creative & innovative thinking for business. Since then the contest was sponsored by ELECON with generous financial support of Rs. 2 lacs every year till 2021. From 2022 under the able leadership of CVM University; CVMU Innovation and Startup Cell in its ambit scaled up this competition from college level to university level.

At Present, CVM University Innovation and Startup Cell (CVMUISC) organises the competition which is being managed and hosted by SEMCOM at University Level.

CVMU Believes that ‘No Idea is a small Idea, It is how you commercialise the idea to the best’. Best Business Idea Contest 2024 saw an enthusiastic involvement of students from constituent Colleges of CVMU. There were total 13 teams competing from 8 constituent Colleges. Four (4) workshops were conducted and delivered for the registered students from ideation to pitching of business idea. CVMU and SEMCOM acknowledges the experts who had delivered and groomed the students during the ideation and pitching of idea workshops. CVMU and SEMCOM acknowledges the experts Shri Sheel Dholakia, Shri Bhavik Patel, Shri CA Ujesh Teraiya, Shri CA Dhruvit Patel, Dr. Himanshu Sanghvi.

BBIC 2024 was graced by presence of our Chairman CVM and President CVMU Er. Shri. Bhikhubhai Patel, Joint Secretary and Mentor Shri Mehul Patel, and CVMUISC Convenor Dr Vishal Singh, Chief Guest of BBIC 2024 was our own alumnus and Self-made Entrepreneur CA Bhavesh Chelani, Owner of Santushti Group of companies. BBIC 2024 saw an unprecedented change among student participants, 5 (five) team were ready with their prototype and 3 team had already been into small level business execution with more than 3 months market penetration. The event saw cut throat competition as to find which team would survive the market. (Agastya Pharmaceutical) team from G J Patel Ayurvedic College, (Swoosh – Ecowash) from SEMCOM, (Siri Saga Glutten Free Diet) from NVPAS and (Haath Kaala) from SMAID were adjudged as best business ideas. They were bestowed with 15000 each Cash Prizes by CVMU.

Ad-Making Contest


SEMCOM stands for innovation and creativity. Of the variety of events in SEMCOM, Novellus — The Ad Making Show is unique in itself. Novellus means unique and was quoted as "Think beyond the Obvious". The purpose of introducing this event was to focus upon the social issues prevailing in the society and giving the students a platform to express their concern over it.

Our Institution has been organizing Ad–Making Contest every year since 2011. In the initial two years at the contest, students were required to prepare TV Commercials and Radio commercial selected by them. In order to prepare creative TV and radio commercials and to acquaint them with the world of advertising, students have undergone rigorous trainings, workshops and sessions conducted by experts like Mr. Pranav Jani – (Programming head, Radio city Ahmedabad),Mr. Kamal Joshi- (Ex Director of European union), Prof. Subhash Tendle (MICA , Ahmedabad), Prof. Rajan Nair. (MICA, Mumbai), Mr.Sanjoi Chakroborty (Creative Head, Triton Communications) Mr. Pratik Raj (Director and Cinematographer) who have imparted knowledge regarding the technicalities of making an Ad, how to think out of the box and present it in the most creative manner.

This Year, the event was organized & out of a total 30 teams which registered for Ad-making, 16 teams were selected for final competition. 16 Teams participated for Television Advertisements and 13 Teams participated for Radio Advertisements. The winning team leaders for Television Advertisements are Heli Lakhani (S.Y.BBA-ITM) (First), Harshidh Parmar (T.Y.BBA) (Second) and Drashti Desai & Vrushabh Patel (TY BBA-ITM) (Third). A cash prize of Rs.10000, Rs.7000 and Rs.5000 was awarded to the first 3 teams. The winning team leaders for Radio Advertisements are Kushangi Jain (SY BBA-ITM) (First), Drashti Desai (TY BBA-ITM) (Second) and Heli Lakhani (S.Y.BBA-ITM) (Third). A cash prize of Rs.5000, Rs.3000 and Rs.2000 was awarded to the winning teams. Dr. Raju Rathod, Professor, PG Department of Business Management, SPU, VV Nagar, Mr. Atiq Khan, Programming Head, Radio City 91.1 FM, Vadodara, Mr. Pratik Raj, a renowned Cinematographer were the Jury Members for the event.

International Education Tour


Under the flagship of CVM University, SEMCOM College arranged International Educational Tour to Singapore & Malaysia. 41 students including two faculties were a part this tour. The visit at Singapore included City tour with Flyer, Time Capsule, Gardens By The Bay, UNIVERSAL STUDIO, Sentosa Island with Two Ways Cable Car, Sands Skypark Observation Deck and a very renowned Industry: NEWater Plant. The visit at Malaysia included Kuala Lumpur City Tour With Kl Tower, Administrative capital Putrajaya, Twin Tour, Genting Island with Two Ways Cable Car, Batu Caves and a very famous chocolate factory named Beryl’s.

This tour had provided exposure to students to new environments, cultures, perspectives, different geographical locations, historical landmarks, ecosystems, artistic masterpieces, importance of traffic sense, cleanliness, wise usage of natural resources, pollution free environment, IT enabled automatic systems at all public places.

It also helped students to develop skills, such as communication, cooperation, and adaptability also respect each other’s opinions, resolve conflicts, problem-solving skills, independent learning and build relationships. International Educational tours had provided a hands-on, real-world experiences and break from the routine. The tour was arranged by Dr. Joe Mary George and Dr. Dipal Patel under the able leadership and guidance of Principal Dr. Preeti Luhana.

Smart-Eye Photography Contest


“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” In order to enhance creativity in the field of photography, SEMCOM initiated a novel competition "Smart-Eye Photography" Contest from the year 2011. Students get a chance to show their photography skills in this competition by capturing photos. Students have given a theme for photography and then go on clicking. The better and the real touched images students click, the better are the chances to get selected in this competition.

For the growing love for photography, SEMCOM organised a Workshop on SmartEye Photography under the guidance of Mr. Shubham Parmar and Mr. Mehul Patel on 15th September 2023. Total 87 teams and 174 students from MCOM, BCOM, BBA, BBA-ITM and BCA attended the workshop. Mr. Shubham Parmar, a well-known photographer shared his views on the technical aspects like SLR, Lens Aperture and Shutter Speed of photography. Mr. Mehul Patel guided students about how to work on field and points to be considered while clicking photos.

Along with this, Smart Eye Photography Exhibition was also done in the same campus every year. This year, it was organised on 29th and 30th March, 2024. It was inaugurated by Er. Shri Bhikhubhai Patel, Chairman, Charutar Vidya Mandal, Shri Manishbhai Patel, Vice President, Charutar Vidya Mandal, Dr. S G Patel, Hon. Secretary, Charutar Vidya Mandal, Shri Mehulbhai Patel, Hon. Joint Secretary, Charutar Vidya Mandal, Shri Rameshbhai Talati, Hon. Joint Secretary, Charutar Vidya Mandal, Shri Vishalbhai Patel, Hon. Joint Secretary, Charutar Vidya Mandal and Dr. Darshak Desai, Incharge Registrar, CVM University. Wherein 36 participants were finally selected and different photographs on the theme “The Human with Nature” were displayed. The workshop and exhibition was coordinated by Dr. Khyati Patel and Ms. Harshida Patel.

Green Business & Technology Fair


Today's business is all about being green. From Walmart to Apple, everyone is talking about how green their approach, packaging, or methods are. But green business is really in its infancy, and the future of being green will no doubt distill down to some very real and definable goals and practices.

In fact, businesses that today find themselves carrying the green banner will be put to the test to define their actions, and it must make sense to the soon to be green savvy public. So, what are some of these definable trends that will dictate the future of green business? Let's take a look.

A Measure Impact

First up, businesses will find it harder to do business under the "Green" herald unless they hold themselves accountable to their own carbon footprint. While today we can find a number of carbon footprint calculators, the net results tend to vary between sites. As time continues on, these results will merge together to a more cohesive reporting structure, and this is the measuring stick to which the company will report.

A company's net carbon footprint may be as important to its success as its bottom line, since no doubt one could drive the other. This is especially true if it is a public company that is directly coupled to selling to the public. The voting by the green aware public will no doubt be done by the purse strings.

Green Branding With The Customer

Soon businesses will find that it is simply not enough to talk to consumers about being green – instead they will need to educate them. Through promotions, handouts, special deals, and other means, businesses will find that an educated customer will better appreciate the new emphasis on being green.

By relating to the customer on green issues, the door is open for further dialog on others. Even such things as giving out free branded reusable bags is a simple but effective way of using the green relationship to build the business and improve the customer relationship.

SEMCOM Organized Green Business & Technology Fair Every Year. with an aim for creating awareness to use Eco- Friendly products, adapting green technologies & consuming organic Food items. The event was organized in association with Garam Kitli (Theme Partner). A total of 160 students participated in the event and represented 3 categories (Eco-friendly Products, Green Technologies & Organic Food Items). More than 100 variety of products, 15 Technologies and 40 food items were a part of this event. The event was open for all for 2 days. It was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr. Shirish Kulkarni & Charutar Vidyamandal Hon. Secretary Dr. S G Patel. Arranging such events arouses and cultivates interest amongst the students to aspire their future career towards environment safety and prepare them as excellent leaders. The event was a grand success under the guidance of principal Dr.Waheeda Thomas & due to the endless efforts of the Vice President of the student’s council Dr. Preethi Luhana, coordinators of the competition Dr.Swaty Parab, Dr.Yogesh Patel, Ms. Hiral Patel, Dr. Jaymin Trivedi.

Ratri B4 Navratri

Every year SEMCOM Students' Council organizes Ratri B4 Navratri on a grand scale where students learn team work, cooperation, neighbouhood feeling, effective management, and the optimum utilization of resources. The promotional video for this event is also created and posted on social networking Websites and online groups including YouTube for publicity.

All the SEMCOM Staff with Family, Students with their Parents, Alumnis, and Invited Guests join this Mega Event.

This event is supported by various small and large business houses of Gujarat.

Everyone enjoys the Traditional Folk Dance of Gujarat with the foot-tapping music by prominent singers.